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ADE is expanding its network of preschools!

ADE is expanding its network of preschools!

Learn more about ADE's expansion to the North Shore and West Island!

ADE (Académie de l'enfance) is expanding its preschool and daycare services to new locations across the province of Québec. Our management team is working diligently towards launching new preschool centres in the North Shore and West Island areas. These new centres are set to open in 2024. We look forward to welcoming the growing ADE community at our new locations & open house events set to take place within the next year!

ADE's award-winning program has been recognized by both the Ministry of Family, and the National Assembly of Québec for its inclusive education program and excellence in ECE. ADE's preschool program offers the highest quality inclusive early education by promoting children's holistic development. ADE promotes inclusion through a focus on offering a supportive learning environment for all children, including those with diverse learning needs.

ADE currently has a growing wait-list for preschool services until the year 2025, made up of over 300 children across the Greater Montréal area. We look forward to expanding our reach through the development of our preschool network, further promoting our mission of high quality inclusive ECE! For more information on how to register their child to our wait-list, parents can visit ADE's admissions page.

As our network of preschools is expanding, ADE is seeking to fill many new roles with the upcoming expansion of our network! We are looking to work with professionals who are passionate about ECE and inclusive education. ADE wants to grow a team of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of children & families by offering high quality inclusive ECE. ADE is currently hiring Preschool Directors, Assistant Directors, Administrative Assistants, Preschool Teachers, Replacement Educators & more! For more information on our current career opportunities, visit ADE's career page.

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