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Académie de l'enfance (ADE) offers a private preschool program that implements early childhood curriculum based on the latest research practices in early childhood. Our centre offers full-day preschool programming, extended daycare, and early intervention services.

ADE’s preschool curriculum introduces academic concepts & life-skills for children 18 months to 5 years. Our preschool program encourages children to explore their environment through play and learning based experiences. This approach helps children gain confidence, teaches emotional awareness and intelligence, and allows them to acquire language and communication skills, critical for their development. 




We promise the communities that we work with that we will remain life-long learners, evolving with the ever-changing world of education. 

ADE believes in the ability to unlock every child's learning potential, through the support of a dedicated teacher. Our vision is to shape the future of education through our impact working alongside families, teachers, schools and educational institutions.

ADE stands by the belief that investing in teachers & educational design leads to a love of learning and student success across a lifetime. A dedication to continuous learning & development, along with a data-driven educational approach is the foundation required for a healthy & productive learning environment.


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708 Rue Principale, Laval (Saint-Dorothée), Quebec, H7X 1E4

(450) 689-8082


Share the love! Here are a few words from our ADE families.

ADE has a very special place in our hearts. Our son, Leonardo, was among the firsts and he has blossomed incredibly since starting here. As parents of a micro preemie, we had never thought about daycares. The risks of illness were just too high. We also still didn’t know if he would need additional therapies or have learning difficulties. So when I discovered ADE, and after my first meeting with Joanna, I was confident that this Center would be a perfect fit. Not only is cleanliness their top priority, they have a strict protocol for sickness. Their teaching approach is like nothing I had ever seen or heard about. When you walk through the doors you’re transported into a world of imagination! Everything from the decor to the play areas create such a positive atmosphere for the children. The educators have become our family. They all share the same attitude and vision to provide a great education in these early years. I am proud to send my son to a place that will help mold him into the best version of himself! Since starting here my son’s medical team as seen such an improvement in his learning capabilities. If need be in the future we will be working together with ADE’ s in house therapies. The fact that Leo can remain in his environment and receive that special care means everything to us. I cannot say enough good things about ADE. They have brought so much joy into our lives ❤️ The Gattola Family

Sara Maselli

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