ADE employs and supports staff members who have the qualifications, knowledge, and professional commitment necessary to promote children’s learning and development and to support families’ diverse needs and interests. ADE prioritizes professional development and supports our team members in growing their existing skillset in order to offer the highest quality early childhood education and services. 



Co-founder & Administrative Director

Catherine is founder and administrative director of ADE preschool centre. Mrs. Catherine is an entrepreneur with professional experience in both administration and real estate management. Mrs. Catherine leads the administrative team, focused on the financial aspects of the organization.


Co-founder & Early Childhood Director

Joanna is co-founder and early childhood director of ADE preschool centre. Mrs. Joanna completed her Bachelor of Arts in Child studies at Concordia University, with a specialization in Inclusive Education and Business Administration. Mrs. Joanna is the creator behind ADE’s preschool curriculum & program. Mrs. Joanna manages the centre’s daily operations and the educational team, focusing on government relations, health & safety, human resources, and marketing. Parents can reach out to Mrs. Joanna if they have any questions or concerns about the centre’s operations, preschool program, educational team, or clinical services.



Pedagogical Specialist

Bianca is part of the administrative team in her role as Pedagogical Specialist and leader of the educational team. Bianca has been with ADE since its launch in 2018. Ms. Bianca has been teaching at the preschool & pre-kindergarten level for over 6 years. Ms. Bianca completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, specializing in Education, and earned a certificate in Early Childhood Pedagogy. Ms. Bianca focuses on admissions, preschool curriculum & programming, teacher training & professional development. Ms. Bianca acts as a supervisor and coach for teachers, leads weekly teacher meetings, integrates new students, and participates in curriculum development. Parents can reach out to Ms. Bianca for questions about ADE’s preschool program, curriculum, and their child’s individual progress & development.


Preschool Teacher

Ms. Denise has led classrooms as a preschool teacher at ADE since August 2018. Ms. Denise studied English Literature at Concordia University and completed her degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Denise has over 4 years of work and volunteer experience in early childhood education. Ms. Denise enjoys sharing stories with her students and giving them the opportunity to learn & explore in her classroom.



Preschool Teacher

Ms. Patricia is a preschool teacher leading the Early Learners group since January 2019. Ms. Patricia completed her Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies, and holds a certificate in behavioural intervention (ABA). Ms. Patricia has over 5 years of work and volunteer experience with young children, and has found her passion as a preschool teacher. Ms. Patricia has led art education programs and loves finding creative ways to use art as a way to encourage learning in the classroom.


Preschool Teacher

Ms. Stacey has been working as a preschool teacher at ADE since June 2019. Ms. Stacey completed her Bachelor of Psychology with a specialization in Education at Concordia University, and holds a certificate in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). Ms. Stacey has worked with children with special needs and Autism in a clinical setting for over 3 years. Ms. Stacey takes pride in preparing children for lifelong academic success.



Preschool Teacher

Ms. Kayla has been working at ADE since 2018 as an assistant educator while she completed her degree in early childhood education at Vanier College. Ms. Kayla completed her Bachelor's degree at Concordia in Sociology, specializing in Education and Psychology. Since her graduation, Ms. Kayla now leads a classroom as a lead preschool teacher. Ms. Kayla has over 10 years of work and volunteer experience in the field of child care, and has worked in different environments such as elementary schools, summer camps, and more! Ms. Kayla is passionate about teaching young minds, and she hopes to spark curiosity and a love for learning in the students she teaches.


Assistant Educator

Ms. Gabriella is an assistant educator at ADE, working with all preschool groups since May 2019. Ms. Gabriella is a Villa Maria High School and Marianopolis College graduate, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with aspirations to attend Law School. Ms. Gabriella has worked as a summer camp counselor and leads our in-house preschool music programs. During her time at ADE, Ms. Gabriella has developed a passion for early childhood education and inclusive education. She enjoys creating an educational environment that fosters personal and intellectual growth in early childhood.



Special Educator

Ms. Alessia is a special educator at ADE, working with all preschool groups since May 2019. Ms. Alessia also works as ADE’s professional photographer for school photos, events and marketing imagery. Ms. Alessia holds a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Therapeutic Recreation, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Miss Alessia has over two years of experience working with children at the early childhood level, including volunteering at a therapeutic riding camp for children with autism. Ms. Alessia is passionate about the field of early childhood education and strives to develop the minds of young children, as they are our future.


Assistant educator

Ms. Victoria is an assistant educator at ADE since 2019. Ms. Victoria is a Dawson College graduate, and currently completing her major in Child Studies and minor in Psychology at Concordia University, specializing in special needs education. Ms. Victoria has over three years of experience working with children within several settings, such as daycares, summer camps, tutoring and volunteering at non-profit organizations. Ms. Victoria is passionate about the field of early childhood education and hopes to pursue a future career involving working children with special needs.



Assistant educator

Ms. Veronica started at ADE as an assistant educator in September 2020. Ms. Veronica is a Mcgill University graduate, completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Education and Behavioural Science. She wishes to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy and is also interested in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). Ms. Veronica has over 4 years of experience working with children in inclusive educational environments, and volunteering for research focusing on the autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental conditions. Ms. Veronica is passionate about creating an environment that allows every child to express themselves, achieve their full potential and embrace their uniqueness!



We welcome early childhood educators, specialists, and professionals to submit their employment application. Education students are welcome to apply for our on-call / substitute educator position throughout the year. 

ADE employs the following early childhood specialists and professionals:

- Early childhood educators

- Assistant educators

- Integration aides (shadows)

- Special educators & interventionists 

Are you passionate about ECE and inclusive education? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of young children & their families? We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our team! 

Download our application form & follow the instructions to apply to our centre.



Student volunteer program

ADE collaborates with colleges and universities to offer a volunteer training and supervision program to students in Early Childhood Education, Child Studies, Therapeutic Recreation, Psychology and other related fields. 

Volunteer students from all related programs are welcome to apply to complete their internship or to complete volunteering hours. ADE accepts volunteer students throughout the school year, including during summer months.