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A place to inspire, explore and learn in early childhood.

ADE’s mission is to provide an enriching educational experience that supports the positive social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development of each child. The design of the centre encourages a calm and positive learning environment. The children act as active participants in their own learning experience, while our highly qualified educators are there to encourage and support learning.


Inclusive Education in Early Childhood

ADE follows an inclusive education model which ensures that all children receive accommodation and are provided with equal opportunities for enriching experiences in early childhood. All children are given equal opportunity to participate in activities that promote social, physical, cognitive and language development.These early experiences are critical for the positive development & outcomes of each child.


Preschool Programs

ADE provides a research-based curriculum that follows Quebec's early childhood education act and incorporates a variety of innovative strategies & approaches in the field of ECE. ADE’s pre-kindergarten program prepares children for elementary school by giving them the skills and tools required for future academic success.



Preschool for children 1 ½ to 3 ½ months

ADE’s early learning program introduces dynamic concepts for children 18 months to 3 ½ years. Our early learning program encourages children to explore their environment through play and learning based experiences. Doing so helps children gain confidence, teaches them emotional awareness and intelligence, and allows them to acquire language and communication skills which are critical for their development.


Preschool for children 3 ½ to 5 years

Our full-day pre-kindergarten program prepares children for Quebec's elementary school curriculum by supporting them in developing the necessary skills for a successful transition into kindergarten. The program provides the children with meaningful educational experiences that promote emotional, social, language, cognitive, and motor development.


I can say with so much emotions that ADE took us under their wings, they are always ready to help us in any way possible. They made the transition so much easier on us by just being themselves, loving, caring, and genuine people. There is not one person in that pre-school that does not have a special soul. This was and is the best decision we ever made, in just a little over a month we see so many changes in our son!

Ida, Mom of an ADE preschooler

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