“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” -Aristotle

ADE follows an inclusive education model which ensures that all children receive accommodation and are provided with equal opportunities for enriching experiences in early childhood. The curriculum is designed so that all children can participate in activities that promote social, physical, cognitive and language development. These early experiences are critical for the positive development & outcomes of each child. Inclusive education benefits everyone involved by teaching empathy and diversity, friendships amongst all children, offering positive behaviour, and setting higher expectations for all children, with or without disabilities.


ADE welcomes and supports all children, at all levels of development. It is important for our team to work in collaboration with families to spot risks and signs of developmental delays in early childhood so that early intervention methods can be applied. ADE collaborates with professionals in child development, who provide in-house therapy services at the centre, during a child's day at preschool.



Our centre offers on-site private clinical and therapy services for children in early childhood

Our services include special needs integration (preschool shadowing), speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioural intervention (ABA) therapy.

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